01.Oct.14 23 minutes ago


Stretch marks should be kissed not dissed

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01.Oct.14 27 minutes ago

Taken pills
Hope they work
Everyone can leave me alone now
Night 💤💤

01.Oct.14 30 minutes ago


it’s not you’re* or your*. it’s all Mine. everything is Mine

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01.Oct.14 4 hours ago


tbh if i was hot, the chances of me becoming a slut would increase by about idk 800%

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01.Oct.14 5 hours ago
hi hi thanks for the follow :)

No worries! Anyone se who wants to marry Dara is a friend of mine 😘
Also you have a sick blog 🙌

01.Oct.14 5 hours ago


If you’re feeling down, I’ll go down on you

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01.Oct.14 6 hours ago
01.Oct.14 6 hours ago